Faculty180: Faculty Reporting System

Sedona cut off June 15

ECU access to Sedona will be cut off June 15, 2018. Please retrieve any reports and attachments you may need from Sedona in advance of this date.

Historical data from Sedona will be retained for archival purpose, but does not include reports and attachments. Questions may be addressed to your College Coordinator.


Faculty180 is a tool for reporting activities of faculty, departments, colleges and the university as a whole. It will facilitate tenure and promotion and annual performance review processes. System capabilities include:

  • Importing faculty publication records from various bibliographic sources such as SCOPUS
  • Assisting departments in standardizing information such as journal titles, for example, and eliminating redundancies
  • Facilitating management of data at various levels–individual, department, school, college and university
  • Providing customized CV templates and reports
  • Managing review processes electronically
What Can I Work On?
  1. Check and update your profile and activities. Login to Faculty180.
  2. Review your directory information. Instructions.
  3. Access self-help resources and other information. SharePoint.
  4. Contact your college coordinator with any questions.
  5. Report problems or request help. Support request.