Reappointment User Guidance

The user guidance below is organized by the steps each reappointment action routes through.  Individual step summaries can be accessed in the table below. Click on the workflow map for a visualization of the workflow steps.  A comparison between the Faculty180 workflow steps and the deadlines defined in the faculty manual are available by clicking on the second image.

File Naming Guidance
Quick Tips! and Faculty180 PAD Layout
Accepted File Types



Previously Recorded Training Sessions
10/10/2023 Reappointment Candidate & Initial Steps for Chairs Training Recording
1/30/2024 Reappointment Tenure Committee Training Recording
2/26/2024 Reappointment Training for Chairs - How to record your recommendation
2/23/2023 Reappointment Training for Deans - How to record your recommendation


Step NumberStep NameQuick Reference VideoQuick Reference Guide
Step 0Candidate Submits PADHow to Submit Your PAD
Step 0 Guidance
Step 1Unit Administrator/Chair Confirms PAD is Completed and Sends PAD Forward to CommitteeHow to Send PAD Forward to CommitteeStep 1 Guidance
Step 2-4Committees, Unit Administrator and Dean Complete Recommendation MemoHow to Complete the Recommendation Memo and Send the PAD ForwardStep 2-4 Guidance
Final Step/Step 5Personnel Representative Closes CaseStep 5 Guidance