Annual Evaluation User Guidance

Annual Evaluations in Faculty180 route through workflow steps, starting with the Faculty member submitting the annual report*, through the Unit Administrator completing the evaluation, to the faculty member to sign off, and then on to the Divisional Office who extracts the final evaluation documents.  The user guidance below is organized by the steps each annual evaluation routes through.  Individual step tutorials can be accessed in the table below. Click on the workflow map for a visualization of the workflow steps.

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2/13/2024 Faculty Training Recording
3/1/2023 Evaluator Training Recording


*Before submitting your annual report within the annual evaluation workflow, update your professional activities.  See the Activity Reporting Quick Tips Guide for help.

Step NumberStep NameQuick Reference VideoQuick Reference Guide
Step 0Faculty Member Submits Annual ReportHow to Submit your Annual ReportStep 0 Guidance

How to Access an Evaluation shared with you in Faculty180

Accepted File Types
Step 1Unit Administrator/Chair Completes Evaluation - Meets with Faculty MemberHow to Complete the Electronic Annual EvaluationStep 1 Guidance

Annual Evaluation Calculator

Evaluation Form Preview
Step 2Faculty Signs Off - Adds comments, if desiredHow to Respond to the Annual EvaluationStep 2 Guidance
Step 3Unit Administrator/Chair Reviews Faculty Response, Signs OffHow to Confirm CompletionStep 3 Guidance
Step 4Dean's Representative Exports MaterialsHow to Export MaterialsStep 4 Guidance
Step 5Personnel Office Representative Exports Materials and Closes EvaluationStep 5 Guidance